We make sure that the building is functional, safe and it serves your particular needs

At Evan Lim, we have licensed and extensively trained architects who can develop concepts for structures and then turn those concepts into plans. We know that an architect’s work involves beyond focusing on a building’s appearance. When developing a plan, we make sure that the building is functional, safe and it serves your particular needs. 

We know that the temptation to go straight into a building project is strong. But if you do not have planning before you dive into the project, things may not go well. We have a proven strategy that has worked for numerous clients.

We have talented architects and interior designers who have one goal in mind: perfection. They have worked on a wide range of projects, and achieved great client satisfaction. So, regardless of the type of your construction project, we can make your dreams come true. To select the right planner, you need an in-person meeting, and we are always willing to arrange one for you. Before hiring us, you will get a chance to know more about our services and strategies.

To give you an idea of how we do architectural planning, here are some aspects we always focus on, regardless of the type of the project.


  • Planning the environment
  • Aesthetics
  • Orientation
  • Architectural forms
  • Color
  • Materials and techniques
  • Interior control

We also seriously consider your budget, taste and particular requirements. We make sure that the planning is aligned with your investment. Integrity and clear communication has always been our strengths. We take time to make schematic designs and value your feedback when making important decisions.

From our initial discussion with you to the final delivery, we make sure that you are involved in the process, because we measure our success by analyzing your feedback. Whether we are making a decision regarding engineering, designing, managing or supervising, we never deviate from our ideals and core values.

The demands of environment have always been our concern. Taking the demands seriously, we particularize and harmonize them while maintaining the cultural and utilitarian values of a building.

Our work also involves environment and feasibility studies, preparing cost analysis and selecting a site. After completing these necessary steps, we prepare drawings and present our ideas.

We develop final plans only when you have agreed on our initial proposals. We make sure that heating, air conditioning, electrical systems, ventilating systems, plumbing, and communication systems can meet the demands of the future. We strictly follow building codes, fire regulations, and zoning laws, use the materials and strive for superior interior and exterior furnishings.

Evan Lim makes sure that the cutting-edge technologies such as building information modeling and computer-aided designing and drafting are handled by the most competent professionals.

Since 2007, Evan Lim-Penta has worked with numerous clients and achieved reputation as a reliable construction agency. Many universities and schools, government ministries and luxury condominiums bear the signs of our skills and expertise. Yes, we can make your dreams come true.

Let’s Work Together

Evan Lim–Penta is a partnership formed in July 2007 between Evan Lim & Co Pte Ltd, Singapore and Penta Construction Co. LLC, a Dubai based contracting company.










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