We help renovate and restore your buildings to adopt modern technologies

We help renovate and restore your buildings to adopt modern technologies, features and fittings. We have helped many of our clients to get the best out of their property. To renovate your buildings, we have architects, expert craftsmen, surveyors and interior designers.

Due to limited resources in urban areas, refurbishment and renovation are becoming more important than ever. Now, extensions and adaptations of existing buildings are popular alternatives to new buildings.  Renovation can help you not only create more space but also reduce energy consumption. It is also a great way to preserve cultural heritage. While honoring the past, renovation welcomes the future!

When working on a renovation project, we always consider these vitalpotentials:


  • Where to improve
  • Your tastes
  • Local attraction
  • Your budget
  • Recent trends
  • Balance between aesthetics and pragmatism

Whatever your requirements are, Evan Lim-Penta can make you smile. A building becomes appealing only when you add a personal touch to it. To make your dream come true, we always take your requirements seriously. Our team will always consult you before making important decisions regarding your building renovation project.

Renovation is often an extensive project. It takes time to make things happen. Before we enter the building phase, we focus on necessary pre-renovation activities. Our team will walk you through the entire process, and help you make important decisions. For your renovation project, you can rely on our experienced and capable team of experts.

When renovating a building, we try to make it energy-efficient ensuring that you enjoy better indoor climate and pay less utility bills and make the world a better place to live in.

We understand that you need some more room for your new visions, interests and hobbies. An extension of your workplace can greatly help you enjoy some more room. There are plenty of ways to make a difference in a building and our team will discuss all the options with you.

Evan Lim takes the matter of aesthetics very seriously. We know that workers feel comfortable in a visually appealing space. The beauty of a workplace has a direct effect on our moods and behavior.

Whether you need to restore the beauty of your financial institutions, office building or a large villa, Evan Lim-Penta is always there to make it happen.

Let’s Work Together

Evan Lim–Penta is a partnership formed in July 2007 between Evan Lim & Co Pte Ltd, Singapore and Penta Construction Co. LLC, a Dubai based contracting company.










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