We work on your behalf throughout the entire process from pre-construction to post-construction

When you have a building in mind, you must be careful when choosing mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. And if you not very careful, the result may shock you. Evan Lim has a highly experienced MEP team that can offer you the best possible services. We work on your behalf throughout the entire process—from pre-construction to post-construction. We have strong work ethics and we make sure that the best tools and materials are used in your project. After completing the project, we test and retest it to make sure your investment pays back.

We have learnt from our experience that a large project requires minute analyses of the smallest details. To make sure that the MEP design fits the structure of your building, we rely on virtual design and carefully test the constructability. And to make sure that the issues do not get costly, our pre-construction team work hard to identify possible issues.

Considering the budgetary constraints of our clients, we take steps accordingly. Our success is measured by your reliability, safety and comfort. In our designs, we implement cutting age ventilation standards. Whether your project involves construction or renovation, we make sure that our approach suits your needs.

We have designed and installed different types of HVAC systems including rooftop packages, multi-zone heating systems and complete hydronic. Our MEP projects have involved installing many pump stations and facilities of wastewater treatment. We have a long history of working with leading plumbing companies and have extensive knowledge about installation tools, faucets, toilets, and pipe and fittings.

Our mechanical services include


  • Mechanical detailing
  • Installing heating and cooling equipment
  • Plant room layout design
  • Modeling
  • Installing fire protection systems
  • Duct layout drawings
  • Mechanical drafting and design

We also offer a variety of electrical services.


  • Wiring diagrams
  • Selection of lighting fixture
  • Outdoor lighting plans
  • Power distribution system panels
  • Interior lighting
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Electrical schematics
  • Distribution panels
  • Calculation of lux level
  • Lighting fixture schedule

When it comes to plumbing services, we are one of the leading service providers.


  • Plan drawings
  • Equipment schedule
  • Establishing sewer loads
  • Expansion loops for dealing with seismic requirements
  • Drafting services for plumbing and drainage
  • Soil report evaluation
  • Vent sizing and routing
  • Sewerage plans and details
  • Pump sizing and location
  • Wastewater collection system

With the advancement of technology, we are always continually improving. We are always in search of cost-effective methods that benefit our clients. If we find that a tool is no longer up to date, we immediately replace it with something avant-garde.

Evan Lim’s success is, to a great extent, indebted to the coordination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors. To keep the job moving, we make sure that all subcontractors are working together and helping one another to resolve issues.

We are strict about meeting deadlines. To complete your project on time, everyone in our team is bound to stay on schedule. We walk you through the entire process, and carefully listen to your concerns, should there be any.

Regardless of your needs and requirements and when you are faced with several options, get in touch with us. We will help you. We will serve you.

Let’s Work Together

Evan Lim–Penta is a partnership formed in July 2007 between Evan Lim & Co Pte Ltd, Singapore and Penta Construction Co. LLC, a Dubai based contracting company.










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